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Mazingira Safi Initiative (MSI) is an environmental community based organization whose aim is to develop a proper litter and waste management system whilst creating employment at the same time.


Our mission is to inspire people to own their environment, bin their waste properly and have this waste recycled. This is because we believe that people and nature can live together in harmony. We believe that recycling is not only good for the environment but it can also create numerous economic opportunities and we believe that economically empowered people live empowered lives.


Clean Environment Communal Responsibility

The Board

  • Purity

    Founder $ Exec. Director

  • Dean

    Board (Strategy, advocacy and communication advisor)

  • Willis

    Board Member (Finance and audit advisor)


Community Cleanups

Cleanup activities are important because they involve participation of the whole community. They help to create awareness and sensitize individuals on the importance of taking care of their environment.

Community Supported Litter Management

This project seeks to involve the community in cleanups, waste segregation and recycling, and to create employment opportunities for the men, women and youth.

Education and Awareness Campaigns

We seek to educate people on the benefits and best practices of keeping the envrionment clean. We do this by conducting civic education during our cleanups and also through online campaigns

Waste Recycling

We support recycling and upcycling as a sustainable mean of managing waste, and in particular litter.


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